Ultra Wide Panoramic Rear View Mirror



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  • Provides a Much Wider Field of View for Seeing Blind Spots
  • Universal Spring Loaded Attachment Mechanism for Easy Install
  • Easily Attaches Over Existing Rear View Car Mirror
  • Elegant, Lightweight, and Durable Design



Month after month, year after year, there are thousands of accidents on the road caused by people not checking their blind spots before switching lanes.  Maybe they thought they checked but that other car was just barely out of view.  Well now there is a practical and attractive solution.

Introducing the Ultra Wide Panoramic Rear View Mirror!

This rear view mirror is wide.  REALLY wide!  It not only looks really cool, but is also a much safer alternative to your standard mirror.  With its ultra wide view...you can see all the angles.  You can see both cars coming up in your blind spots, you can see all of your kids in the back seat, and you now basically have a complete clear view all around you for helping you to stay safer on the road.  

Worried about installation?  Don't be.  With its universal spring loaded attachment mechanism...it just simply attaches to your existing rear view mirror!  Simple and convenient!

Never again will you have to worry about hitting a car in your blind spot or turning your head to check on your kids in the back seat.  This mirror simply enhances your field of view for a better and safer driving experience.