Tactical Baton Flashlight & Vehicle Escape Tool



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  • Ultra Bright LEDs for Night Time Vision & Blinding Attackers
  • Illuminating Distance of Up to 500 Meters with Zoom Function
  • 5 Modes - High : Medium : Low : Strobe : S.O.S.
  • Non-Slip Grip and Telescoping Baton for Extended Reach
  • Aluminum Toothed Design & Jagged Head for Ultimate Self-Defense
  • Car Window Breaking Tool On Handle Base for Emergency Escape
  • Shock Proof and Water Proof for Rugged Outdoor Use
  • Rechargeable Via Wall Outlet, Car Charger, and USB Port



You should never feel unsafe or be unprotected.  In this day in time, you can never be too cautious.  It's also a good idea to have a flashlight in your car at all times.  You never know when you might break down on a dark road.  And lastly, if you're ever trapped in a sinking car...you're going to wish you had one of those car window breaking tools.  It may just save your life!

Now...have you ever imagined a self-defense tool, a flashlight, and an emergency car window breaker, all rolled into one?  Probably not...but that's alright.  Because we thought about it for you!

Introducing the Tactical Baton Flashlight & Vehicle Escape Tool!

This spectacular flahslight, is not just a flashlight.  It is a baton.  The type of weapon our own law enforcement uses for THEIR protection!  With its toothed, jagged head and telescoping handle for ultimate extended reach...it is sure to stop any attacker in his tracks and send him running for his life.

Its waterproof and rugged construction means it can take a good beating too, and even get drenched in a down pour and still work as a flashlight to see your way in the dark or even to blind an attacker!

It illuminates up to 500 meters with its zoom function and SUPER bright LEDs.  No need for buying new batteries either.  It recharges via any wall outlet, car charger, or USB port!

The last feature is our favorite!  At the base of the handle is a VERY useful, life saving emergency vehicle escape tool.  If you ever find yourself stuck inside a sinking car (let's hope not) and your electronic windows aren't working...you'll be glad you have this with you.  Simply press the butt of the baton against the window and the glass will shatter effortlessly, allowing you to exit the submerging vehicle!

You will always want to keep this self-defense baton/escape tool/flashlight with you wherever you go...and certainly in the car with you!  You never know when this special flashlight might ultimately save your life!