Two Dog Swiveling Leash



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  • Self-Swiveling Action for Tangle Free Dog Walking
  • Extends and Retracts Leashes
  • 3 Meter Length for Maximum Distance
  • 2 Color-Coded Quick Release/Stopping Buttons
  • Comfortable Rubber Hand Grip
  • Lightweight and Portable Design



So you have two dogs, right?  Then you know how difficult it can be every time you go out on walks with your little buddies.  Rover goes one way and Spike goes another...the leashes criss-cross...and now you're having to stop in your tracks, stoop over, and untangle the mess your friendly creatures have unintendedly caused.  You think to yourself, "Ok...I'll keep them untangled this time".  But then a minute happens again!  Well, it's about time a gadget came along that finally solves this problem.

Introducing the Two Dog Swiveling Leash!

Never again will your dogs find themselves in a tangled up mess.  With it's automatic free turning swivel and dual extending leashes, you can finally enjoy a comfortable walk without the worry of annoying tangles.  Your dogs will also love their tangle-free walks and will happily thank you by giving you big wet doggy kisses when you get home!

Another feature of this brilliant gadget includes dual color-coded stopper buttons.  You can stop or release lines individually and know every time which button goes to which leash due to the different colors.

It also has an easy, lightweight and portable design for storing and a very comfortable hand grip for a nice enjoyable walk with your pups every time.