Car Dash Magic Mat



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  • Sticks Powerfully to Dashboard Yet Easy to Move
  • Firmly Holds Phone, Keys, Pens, and Small Accessories In Place
  • Does Not Use Adhesives or Magnets
  • Eco-Friendly and Washable Material
  • Re-Usable and Leaves No Residue



You always do this.  You set your phone, your wallet, or your notepad on the dash of your vehicle.  You go to make a sharp turn and your item goes flying off onto the floor.  It seems that after a hundred times of doing this, you would realize it's just going to fall again, but sometimes it just seems like a good spot to place your belongings when the car is parked.  It's only when the car starts moving again that you forget and find your phone falling back onto the floorboard.  What if there was something to keep your items stationary right there on your dash so placing your stuff there would no longer be a problem?  Well....

Introducing the Car Dash Magic Mat!

Finally there is an amazing gadget that solves this frustrating problem.  This sticky little rubber mat is just what you need to keep your items in place when the ride is moving.  It's unique clinging properties allows you to place any item on its surface and have piece of mind knowing that that item will not move an inch! 

It's easy to lift and place elsewhere if you like too.  You can even place some items upside down from its surface and the item won't even fall!  How cool is that?!

No sticky residue or magnets involved.  Just good thinking that went into this product.  If over time it collects dust, simply give it a quick rinse or wipe and it's back good as new!  

If you're looking for the perfect solution for being able to keep your items on the dash without them falling off, then pick this up now.