Wireless Phone Charger Car Mount w/Auto Grip



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  • Charges Phone Wirelessly Through Electromagnetic Induction
  • One-Handed Functionality Automatically Grips or Releases Phone
  • Multi-Functional Protection for Safe Charging
  • Firmly Grabs Most Smartphones (4" - 6.5")
  • Provides Soft, Safe Surface for Your Phone
  • Indicator Light Lets You Know When Fully Charged



Ever find it difficult to plug your phone in while you're driving?  Why that's just as bad as texting and driving!  It's too much distraction from the road when you are busy trying to plug that tiny micro usb into the bottom of your phone.  Especially at night when you can't even see what you are doing!  The world needs a better solution for charging your phone in the car!

Introducing the Wireless Phone Charger Car Mount w/Auto Grip!

Now you can safely charge your phone wirelessly while going down the road.  This fully hands-free automatic device actually GRABS the phone right out of your hand and starts charging right away!

Just plug your charging cord into the base of the device initially.  From that moment forward all you have to do is place your phone on the surface of this gadget...and it grips the phone for you automatically and starts charging!  How nifty is that?!

Its plastic and rubber outer protective build makes for a durable and soft surface for protecting your phone while making sharp turns or hitting rough bumps.

With its electromagnetic induction, it charges your phone at high speeds and even has an indicator light that lets you know when it has been fully charged.

This is hands down the safest and most convenient solution for charging your phone while driving in your vehicle.  And with its wide compatibility design, it can hold most of today's smartphones!